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Do I need a permit for my skip? Skip bin permit information

Do you need a permit for the bin?

  • If the bin will be placed on YOUR property (e.g. driveway, front lawn, carport, etc), then NO, you will not need a permit.
  • If the bin needs to be placed on the road or the nature strip, then YES, you will need a permit from your particular council.

Fees are dependent on your municipality and period of hire. These fees are paid to the council on your behalf. Generally, councils will put their exact permit fees on their website. 

We take care of the application process for a permit for you. Most councils require $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance to obtain a permit and Super Waste Skips has this insurance. 

Council permit fees

NOTE: These fees may not be up to date, as councils can change their fees at any time. (Last updated: 10 August 2015)

Brimbank: No Charge (Super Waste Skips purchases an annual permit)
Hobsons Bay: $60 for 3 days, $30/day thereafter for households; $120 for 1 week, $60/day thereafter for commercial
Hume: $50 per placement
Maribyrnong: $48 for 3 days, $16/day thereafter
Melbourne: $44.60/day
Moonee Valley: $78/week
Moreland: $35/week
Port Phillip: $22.50 application fee + $17.50/day or $84.50/week
Stonnington: $54 up to 3 days, $68 4-7 days, $159 8-31 days 
Wyndham: $95 for week, $11.50 per week thereafter
Yarra: $21/day (unmetered park) $57/day (metered park)